Be a selfish bitch.

Don’t feel bad for going after what you want. 

Do that shit on your own fucking terms.

Hold a middle finger up to anyone who puts you down.

Wear what you want.

Do what you want. 

Worry about yourself being good before anyone else.

Live life to the fucking fullest. 

You run you.

You paint your own damn masterpiece.

Never fucking forget that.

Go on, girl. You better do it.

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Longing for download already, take me back

  1. Camera: Samsung GT-I9195
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/100th
  4. Focal Length: 2mm

I’m always here for you.xx


I’m always here for you.xx


Ditto is the sass master

Never stop working on yourself both mentally and physically. You’ll start to wake up in better moods. Which will lead to better days, months, and years. You don’t have to have a crazy diet or workout routine. Eat fresh foods when you can. Take walks for the hell of it. Read books that cause you to question everything. Oh and question everything, and don’t forget to love yourself.

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Megan Marie, Bernadette Birney & Jen Trisk


Mayurasana on the waterfall, in nature purifying and recharging the vital energy. Asanas na cachoeira para purificar e recarregar o prana 💫🙏✨#asana #yoga #yogalifestyle #yogaretreat #thailand #travel #prana #vitality #health #sadhana #strenght #detox #joy - @devabandhu- #webstagram

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Happy #forearmfridays baby! Funky and free is the way to be.